Being a Eurekan

Happy Employee, Good Business!

Eureko Sigorta is an international insurance company that values its employees and believes in the idea that happy employees create successful enterprises. Correspondingly, our human resources policies are shaped by investing on our employees.

At Eureko Sigorta, a culture of adopting and cherishing the corporate identity and values is embraced. Trust, simplicity, transparency, desire for success, happiness orientation, and creativity are values that all Eurekans represent. All our corporate applications and working styles are designed in a manner that reflects these values.

We benefit from the advantages of being a foreign company at human resources processes as well. We offer the chance to have an international working experience by sending our employees to projects conducted at the head office of Achmea in the Netherlands and at other companies dispersed in other countries.

As Eureko Sigorta, we extremely care about the loyalty and satisfaction of our employees. 60% of our employees belong to Y generation and we design our processes for human resources applicaitons taking the new and creative perception into consideration.