Eureko Campus

Happiness and success are the basis of Eureko. We are aware of the fact that education leads to improvement, and improvement to happiness and success.

At Eureko Sigorta, pursuing the goal of being an organization that constantly learns and teaches, we adopt a blended educational system that sheds light to our employees’ needs outside of work. We see collective and personal success inseparable.

So much so that at Eureko Sigorta, education is regarded as investment. It is one of the foremost tasks of Human Resources to equip our employees and distribution channels with the knowledge and skills that will carry us to our collectively decided vision and provide us with a competitive advantage.

Educational and developmental activities are divided into certain groups.  We help our employees develop themselves in technical insurance under professional competency, as well as taking them to different developmental programs under talent management, according to their experience.

Human Resources, adopting blended educational model for its projects, uses a dynamic, fun, user-friendly e-learning platform keeping in mind that approximately 60% of our employees are generation Y. Eureko Campus e-learning platform, which is accessible 7/24 for our employees wherever they want, is visited by our employees with its rich content ranging from professional/personal development and hobbies to useful information for social life.  

Developmental Programs

Elementary Insurance Certification Program

This program is a technical insurance training exclusively designed for our company, in modules at different levels. At the end of the training which spans over a year with a blended educational model, employees take a test to receive a certificate accredited by TSEV.

Personal Development Training

The training focuses on personal development and leadership skills to improve the competencies supporting performance and to address professional needs about current or future positions.

Talent Development Programs

Young Talents

* Development Academy: Development Academy is a training program designed to support the development of employees who are open to personal and professional development and embrace corporate values. The candidates who succeed at assessment stages, take part in a training and personal development process of total 240 hours spreading over 2 years. A more experienced employee within the company voluntarily becomes the mentor of a participant. Provided that employees make a research about a subject related to insurance in the last 6 months and present the results with a report, they get their "Development Academy Certificate" at the end of 2 years with a ceremony in the company.

* Management Trainee: We welcome young, skillful, enthusiastic and dynamic candidates at Eureko Sigorta family if they have teamwork skills along with a desire to have a career in insurance.

Please visit "Being A Eurekan" page for detailed information.

Experienced Employees

* Eurekans Academy: Eurekans Academy Management Development Programme (EMDP) is a 14-month management development program containing basic education for business life, simulations, group studies, and project works. Its framework and curriculum is designed by Eureko Academy. The program, designed for our employees whose next step will be a managerial position, consists of 4 modules and 1 workshop organized in different countries. Eurekans Academy is distinguished from other programs in the sector in that it both contributes to its employees’ development and produces innovative projects.  The program is completed with the presentation made to the CEOs of all OpCo's around the world.

* Manager Development Program: This is a training program designed for employees who are candidates for mid-level management in their next career step with a 5 years or more experience in Eureko Sigorta. Educational program is designed according to the results of competency based assessment and 360 degrees EQ inventory of participants. Development process continues with individual development plans prepared by participants themselves.

Top Management:

Senior management participates in programs at Leadership Schools established in Achmea in certain times of the year. Participant executives are determined every year with regard to certain criteria and work results.

Conference Hall Activities

All of Eureko Sigorta's training programs are based on a holistic approach. In other words, we aim to integrally help our employees gain awareness and develop mentally, spiritually and physically. Throughout the year, we hold conferences to support these concepts and welcome keynote speakers of various competencies.