Human Resources at Eureko

Our corporate values are reflected on Eureko Sigorta Human Resources Applications...

With the advantages of being an international company, we adopt a principle of supporting our employees while they advance in their career and creating fair opportunities for them transparently.

Career paths are transparent both horizontally and vertically. Employees can designate their career paths according to their choices. In this direction, we announce open positions to our own employees to create career opportunities within the company. On the other hand, with the internal reference system “Good employee knows good employee”, the employees who present candidates from outside are rewarded if the candidate is hired.

Performance management system at Eureko Sigorta is designed in a manner that supports employee development. The aim of Performance Management Model is to connect manager and employee on the topics of performance, career planning, education, to distinguish between employees’ contribution to work in a just manner, and increase motivation with constructive feedback, thus plan performance improving actions.

It takes place once a year with these objects in mind, according to the company objectives determined at the beginning of the year. Performance management is established on an objective and constructive base with regular feedback between employee and executive. 

While Becoming a Eurekan

Applicants preferring to work at Eureko are as valuable as our employees.

As Eureko Sigorta, we are happy to work with professionals who are open to development, dynamic, creative, have a high desire for success and provide added value with their experience.

On the other hand, we enjoy standing by new graduates’ sides along their professional journey and contribute to their transformation into successful professionals.

If you prefer to work at Eureko Sigorta, where the largest investment is seen as the employees, you can check open positions at “Become a Team-mate” page, and apply.

Your job applications are evaluated within position criteria and responded(*).

(*) Eureko Sigorta Human Resources Unit is entitled to “2011 Respect to Humanity Award” for the second time by Turkey’s leader Human Resources platform Kariyer.Net.

Sector Professionals

Positions for experienced applicants are offered in accordance with the personnel needs at Head Office and Regional Offices.

Experienced applicants are interviewed both by Human Resources and by unit executive. Successful applicants are then evaluated on English and other necessary qualifications. Personal inventory within the process is also included in evaluation.

Young Talents – Management Trainee

Management Trainee Program aims to include newly graduates who want to pursue a carrier in insurance sector, who are clear headed, development oriented, open to innovation and change, courageous and faithful, analytic, highly success oriented, talented with teamwork skills into our teams.

During the recruitment process, MT applicants are first included in general ability, foreign language, and online qualification inventory processes. Successful applicants then proceed to interview. Those who successfully complete our gradual interviews start their careers at our company.

MTs are placed in the talent group of our company and included in a special program from the day they start working on. They work closely with their body/mentor both to adapt quickly to working environment and to acquire quality information about company applications.

Our MTs also have the opportunity to work at certain project-based positions at other companies of Achmea in Europe. These positions enable them to familiarize themselves with Achmea’s global companies and their international business applications while having the chance to work with different cultures.

Newly Graduates

We welcome recent graduates who are eager to develop themselves, highly success oriented, open to innovation and change to the positions suitable for young teammates.

During the employment process, candidates are put to general skills, foreign language test and competency inventory via internet according to requirements of the position. Positively assessed candidates are interviewed. Those who successfully complete interviews join Eureko Sigorta family.

University Students

In line with our vision of training insurance experts, we offer the opportunity of internships and Call Center experience to university students.

Intern candidates are assessed by Human Resources and the manager of related department. They start their internship if they are positively evaluated. Students whose education is sector related and requires compulsory internship are given priority.

University students can also take the first step in their career in our Call Center. Our teammates, who display a successful performance in this department and want to continue their career in insurance sector, may continue their career in available positions in Head Quarter and sales channels after they receive their diplomas.

Become Our Teammate

You can follow available positions in our company on this page, and can apply.

Click on the name of the position to see the details and apply via internet.

Even if there is no available position in line with your career targets, you may still apply for a job in Eureko. You may state the position you are interested and send your resume to

We keep your resume in our candidate pool to consider in possible future available positions. Assessment process starts when a position comes up in line with your qualities and preferences. Your competencies and experiences are compared with our current needs and we contact you if they are matching.