Life at Eureko

Employee happiness is essential at Eureko. Thus, Human Resources create an environment that cares for employees.

Corporate values are known and cherished by all employees from top to bottom rank. It is essential to act coherently with loyalty to our values in all of our work, projects, and our relationship with partners.

Open Office, Transparent Business Processes

The architecture, equipment, and facilities of our building are all a reflection of our values. It is designed in open office concept allowing our employees to work comfortably and joyfully. Thus, without doors in-between, all employees including top management can easily access to each other.
Mental, Pscyhological, and Physical Improvement
Likewise, gym and dietician service at our building is thought and brought into action within the frame of a holistic approach philosophy to support protecting our employees’ physical health. In other words, we not only support our employees’ mental health, but also their psychological and physical improvement.

Work Practice of Trust and Flexibility

Eurekans trust each other, relationship between managers and employees are built on trust. As an extension of this, we have flexible working hours. All employees are expected to be inside the company at a certain time period, entrance and exit hours outside of that period is left to the employees themselves. Correspondingly, all of our employees have remote access to their computers and can work when they are not at the office.

Quality is Hidden in Details

Dress Code at Eureko Sigorta is “business casual”.

Support for Social Activities

Within the framework of happiness orientation, we support our employees spending time together at their leisure and have common hobbies. Established for this purpose by members among our employees, our “Social Activity Club” offers different organizations each month. Likewise, with “Theatre Club”, “Photography Club”, etc. our employees create areas for themselves outside of business.

As Eureko Sigorta Human Resources, we adopt open and transparent communication, and support our employees in their career journey.