About Achmea

Achmea is a leading international insurance group with 200 years of experience. Based in the Netherlands, Achmea is one of the world's largest cooperative insurers. It provides transparent, affordable and easy to understand products and services for its customers with 18.000 personnel in 7 countries.

Innovator and Leader

Achmea considers its customers as the actual owner of Achmea and positions them in the first and the foremost place among its shareholders. In the belief that the foundation of cooperative insurance based on solidarity, by sharing strategic and financial risks, Achmea builds sustainable businesses with a common goal – protecting the collective interests of its customers. Also as an innovative employer, Achmea is considered as one of the best companies to work with in financial sector and a leader at strengthening diversity.

Broad Invesment Areas and Micro Insurance Projects

Achmea's investment areas include assisting people in acquiring a healthier life, preventing damages due to fire, traffic accident and robbery and protecting the long term financial security of the customers and their families. Achmea, with its micro insurance projects, also contributes to the development of economic sustainability in poorly developed countries.

Global Market Standing

Active in all insurance branches and distribution channels, Achmea is preferred by 1 in 2 people in its home market, the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, Achmea is the second largest insurance company in Greece and holds strong market positions in Turkey, Slovakia, Ireland and Romania.

A+ Insurance Financial Power Note

The Company has a gross written premium generation of 20 billion € and the total equity amounts to 9.7 billion €. With an annual ability to pay of 202%, Achmea received an A+ for its insurance financial power by Standart & Poor’s, an international credit evaluation institution.

Achmea's Turkey member, Eureko Sigorta is active in non-life insurance branches. Eureko Sigorta, with a powerful cooperation with Garanti Bank, holds the leadership position in bancassurance in Turkey.

Countries Achmea Operates at:

Country Company
The Netherlads, Australia  Achmea
Greece Interamerican Greece
Ireland Friends First  Ireland
Slovakia Union Slovakia
Romania Eureko Romania
Turkey Eureko Sigorta

Achmea, under the name of Eureko B.V., in  March of 2007, signed a partnership agreement with Turkey based Garanti Bank. Achmea bought shares of 80% of Garanti Sigorta’s non-life insurance operations and 15% of life and retirement operations of Garanti Emeklilik. Starting the process of share transfer with the agreement signed in 2007, Achmea completed the process, as foreseen in the first agreement, in May 2011 and obtained all shares of Eureko Sigorta by buying the share of 20% held by Garanti Bank.

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