About Us

Eureko Sigorta is an international insurance company with a leading position in its field thanks to its expertise at damage management and risk assessment. It operates as a member of Achmea, one of world’s largest insurance partnerships with 22.000 employees in 8 countries of Europe.

Eureko Sigorta was at first established in 1989 as “Garanti Sigorta” and got its current name in 2007, providing services and products in the category of “non-life insurance” such as fire, accident, transport, engineering, agricultural insurance, and liability, legal protection, business, credit insurance.

Eureko Sigorta, with its head office at Istanbul, bases its management and service policy on the satisfaction of customer expectations of trust, clarity and happiness. With this object in mind, it constantly develops new, solution oriented services and products that make a difference by following contemporary needs. Eureko Sigorta is placed within the top 9 insurance companies in Turkish insurance sector with its efficient marketing policies, devotion to ethical values, stable performance even during economical fluctuations and technological infrastructure investments in order to convey these. Eureko Sigorta’s market share was 3.9% at the end of 2013.

Eureko Sigorta has a widespread sales, distribution, and service channel that makes access to products and services throughout Turkey easier. Apart from Garanti Bank, its efficient and compatible collaboration with Türkiye Finans ve Katılım Bank enabled Eureko Sigorta to have an ever growing distribution network, and reach hundreds of thousands customers. Eureko Sigorta continues to grow not only with the prevalence of its products, and aforementioned bank distribution network, but also with its rich network of agency and brokers within Turkey. Service integrity is tried to strengthened by adding alternative distribution channels to this service network. ALO EUREKO, meeting the demands of customers and potential customers for 365 days, 24 hours since 2004, has played a significant role in increasing the scope of service and customer satisfaction.

Eureko Sigorta’s international identity has enabled it to have long-term relations and durable collaborations with reassurers around the world. Within this framework, it works intensively with leading corporations such as Everest Re, Mapfre Re, Odyssey Re, Korean Re, Sompo Japan Re, Munich Re and Transatlantic Re. In Turkey, Eureko Sigorta is in close collaboration with the leader reassurer firm Milli Re.

Foundation Date :  24.04.1989
CEO :  Can Akın ÇAĞLAR
Head Office :  Ord. Prof. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. No:20 34662 Üsküdar / İstanbul
Tel :  0216 400 10 00
Fax :  0216 474 22 90