Our Head Office Building

We have built the Head Office, into which we moved in October 2011, upon our values of transparency, simplicity, trust, creativity, happiness orientation and desire for success. The fully glass facade of our new building represents transparency, the open office concept represents trust, Clean Desk Clean Office practice represents simplicity and broad social areas represent happiness oriented manner and creativity. Employees’ desire for success is the value that keeps our company sustained.

We believe that the desire for success, which enhances our competitive strength and takes our company where we aim to be, will get even stronger with the new office, healthy and happy work environment.


While we were designing our building, before we moved into our new building, we formed a committee with representatives from each department of our company. Our employees came up with the design, the color and the shape of the furniture. Hence, we have created a democratic functioning in which our employees stated their opinions. Besides, this committee have created the content of “Living Together Manifest” where the rules about the use of the building can be found. We believe that all those processes have ensured that our employees feel at home in our new Head Office building.


Our Head Office building is a first not only for our employees but also for the sector. Functional, user-oriented, luminous and masterpiece design building has also become the center of attention for the press, with special video and catalog shoots.


You can find the shoots in the building and the photographs of the building on this page.