Understanding of Customer Satisfaction

In Eureko Sigorta, customer satisfaction is inseparable from our corporate identity and values. As an international company leading bank assurance, expert in insurance and the best claim handler, we know the importance of customer satisfaction and aim to be the insurance company with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With the coverage and premiums we offer at the sales according to our customers' needs, we enable our customers to experience our expertise in insurance with our quick policy creation steps developed through our system integrated with Garanti Bank. We make our customers always feel Eureko Sigorta's assurance with our quick, correct and safe services we provide after claim.

Customer Satisfaction=Trust

Trust is the basic foundation of our understanding of customer satisfaction developed with our corporate values. Mutual trust is essential for us in our customer relations. 3rd article of "Eureko Sigorta Ethical Principles" , developed with an understanding to organize our professional relations, indicates the privacy of customer information; in order to fully meet our legal liabilities with “Information Security”, we created an security base document with samples taken from ISO 27001, which all our employees have to observe. Therefore our customers’ trust is placed on a legal ground.

Transparent Communication

The most important value promoting trust is transparency. Therefore it is our basic principle to be transparent in all relations with our customers. Our communication with the customers at the sales, after sales, in our services and in claim process is always based upon being clear and open. We avoid communicating in a manner that may give rise to doubt or judgment.

Simplicity in Every Process

Our transparency value, intended to give exact information to our customers and public, is made understandable with our value of simplicity. We avoid unnecessary glamorization and exaggeration in our products, services and professional processes. We adopt professional processes without bureaucracy to make decision making process faster and provide our customers with solutions as quickly as possible.

Creative Perspective

Eureko Sigorta's employees, working with desire for success for our customers' happiness, think outside of the box, provide creative solutions considering our customers' needs and develop products and services in line with these needs.

Customer satisfaction is synonymous with customers' happiness at Eureko Sigorta. Happiness is the focus of all our values. Happiness means keeping the satisfaction of our customers in their cooperation with Eureko Sigorta at the highest level.

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