Assistance Services

As Eureko Sigorta, we know that happiness is achieved through trust. That is why we continue to help you with your daily problems even if they are not directly related to your policy.

You can see detailed information about our products and rich assistance services that they offer below.

You can also call 0850 222 66 60 ALO EUREKO to get detailed information or make transactions with assistance services.


You can use Medical Services through the products bought at Garanti Bank: Auto Insurance, House/Household Goods Insurance, House Insurance Plus, House Insurance Deluxe, Personal Guarantee, My Family is Guaranteed, and Unexpected Accident Insurance; products bought via agencies: Eureko Casco Insurance, Eureko Home Plus, Eureko Home Lux; and products bought on our web site: Casco Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and Complementary Health Insurance.

Services you can use within the scope

  • Towing / Rescuing
  • Replacement Part
  • Accommodation at Hotel (When the vehicle is broken or in an accident)
  • Travel to Receive a Vehicle (For vehicles at maintenance or vehicles found after theft)
  • Professional Driver
  • Funeral Transportaiton

*Within the scope of Garanti Auto Insurance or Eureko Casco Insurance policy, you can also benefit from RADIO/TAPE PLAYER (GLASS BREAKAGE) SERVICE and REPLACEMENT CAR (RENT A CAR) SERVICE according to the time period stated in the policy.

Road Assistance Services delivers a mechanic when needed or deliver your vehicle to a service/authorized service or to a predefined address with a tow truck even if your vehicle is in another city. “ES Valet Service”, a service provided only by Eureko Sigorta in Turkey, takes your damaged vehicle in Istanbul and Ankara on weekdays between the hours of 09.00-17.00 from the given address, and deliver it to your door after maintenance.

If you wish, we offer “Replacement Car” service in order not to interrupt your life during maintenance. Replacement car service is available for policies bought at agencies, when maintenance exceeds 2 days (48 hours), twice a year, up to 7 (seven) days. For “Auto Insurance” policies bought at Garanti Bank, this service is supported by “Limitless Replacement Car” service when contracted services are preferred. Thus, without a time limit, you can use the vehicle given to you until the maintenance is over.

You are also secured with the cover of plane, bus, train ticket, and hotel accommodation expenses when necessary.

You can use Theft Services through My Bag is Guaranteed bought at Garanti Bank, and products bought on our web site: Personal Accident Insurance, Complementary Health Insurance.

Services you can use within the scope

  • Locksmith
  • ID Document Support After Theft (ID Card, driving license, passport, etc.)
  • Stolen Credit Card Support (Bank Relations, etc.)
  • Medical Treatment Cash Advance
  • Emergency Cash Advance
  • Administrative Assistance

You can use Replacement Car Service through the products bought at Garanti Bank: Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance Plus; via agencies: Eureko Casco Insurance and Eureko Casco Plus; on our website: Casco Insurance.

You can use Travel Services through Travel Health Insurance bought with additional coverage at Garanti Bank, our Travel Health Insurance bought with additional coverage from our authorized agencies, and Travel Health Insurance bought on our website.

Services you can benefit from in the scope of additional coverage:

  • Delivery of necessary medicines
  • Medical information and consultancy
  • Transfer of companion
  • Accommodation expenses of companion’s relative
  • Hotel accommodation after dispatch from hospital
  • Unexpected return to home country
  • In the case of the death of the beneficiary, return of family members
  • Health track of beneficiary’s relative
  • Delivery of emergency messages
  • Executive assistance
  • Loss or damage of luggage
  • Locating and retrieval of lost luggage
  • Legal aid
  • Advance payment for sponsorship
  • Cash advance abroad