Eureko Service Point

All Your Needs After Damage is at One Point

In line with the aim of being the insurance company offering the best damage services, Eureko Service Point aims to provide you, our valuable customers, with fast and complete service.

How is it conducted?

Our valet takes your vehicle from wherever you prefer and delivers your replacement car. If you wish, you can also drop your vehicle to Eureko Service Point or use tow service.

Loss assessment is done in the quickest way when the car is brought to Eureko Service Point.

After the loss assessment, vehicles are directed to contracted services for guaranteed and free repair.

During this process, to maintain your and your family’s life quality, an upper ring replacement car is assigned to you.

After the maintenance of your vehicle, our valet drops it to a place of your preference and picks up the replacement car. If you wish, also you can pick up your car from Eureko Service Point.

It’s that easy!

To benefit from all these in the case of damage you only need to call 0850 222 6660 Alo Eureko.

Our valet picks up your damaged but still operable car from your place of preference and delivers you a replacement car that you can use during the maintenance period. Right after the repair of your car, our valet delivers your car to the address of your choice and picks up the replacement car.

If you wish, you can drop your car to Eureko Service Point yourself or use tow service.

You can call 0850 222 6660 Alo Eureko to notify a claim and acquire information about Eureko Service Point. Our experienced employees will provide you with information in the best way possible on Eureko Service Point and limitless replacement car service during repair, along with information on filing a claim.

If you wish, you can bring your still operable car to Eureko Servie point yourself and benefit from this service.

  • Limitless Replacement Car
  • Fast Survey
  • Guaranteed and Free Repair
  • 100% Original Replacement Part
  • Free Valet Service

So, our policyholders can proceed with their daily life while Eureko Sigorta provides them with an extraordinary loss experience. We try to reduce the effect of experiencing a loss to minimum with our top ring replacement vehicles.

Altunizade Mahallesi Mahir İz Caddesi No:35 Üsküdar / İstanbul

0 216 651 85 62 - 63