Eureko Sigorta is by Your Side in the cases of Accident, Medical Treatment and Modification!

We solve many problems of daily life with our broad assistance services and protect you and your loved ones with accident, permanent disability, medical treatment and decease coverage.

As Eureko Sigorta, we are by your side not only in the case of an accident, but also with medical treatment / decease cover of yours and your family, and modification cover for your house.



Cover of 10.000 TL against unexpected and sudden accidents



Coverage against theft of your bag, wallet, cell phone



Cover up to 2.000 TL for emergency diseases at contracted private hospitals



In the case of decease, the heirs are paid an indemnity.


In the case of a permanent disability resulting from an accident, you will get paid.


Coverage up to 2.000 TL for emergency treatment at contracted private hospitals.


Coverage against theft of your bag, wallet, cell phone.


Covers possible damage that you, your kids between the ages of 0-2 who live with you and your pet could cause to a third person.


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Personal Accident Insurance

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  • Protects both you and your loved ones
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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Accident Insurance covers damages resulting from accident, robbery / pickpockets, emergency health services, and damage done to 3rd persons. For example, it includes the following situations: slipping on the road by tripping your feet, getting your bag, wallet or cell phone stolen by pickpockets, falling sick or getting injured in emergency situations, losing your balance and falling while changing lightbulbs, twisting your ankle on stairs, getting hit by a car, poisoning due to bug / tick bites. Dying a natural death is not considered as accident, thus it is not included in personal accident coverage.

• Reports related to the accident,
• Certificate of inheritance (in the case of decease),
• Family register (in the case of decease),
• Death certificate,
• Document showing that the deceased was a passenger in an insured vehicle,
(For decease within the scope of Car Seat Personal Insurance),
• Hospital report (for injuries),
• Official paper showing that the paid driver or their assistant work with an insured vehicle (For the policies of Driver Personal Accident Insurance),
• Hospital report showing the degree of disablement (for permanent disability),
• Official paper showing that the disabled was a passenger in the insured vehicle (for Car Seat Personal Insurance).

Documents necessary for Inpatient Treatment Indemnity Demand or a demand for payment of operational bills:
• Health Expense Form
• Private Health Insurance Information Form (should be filled out by the doctor involved)
• Epicrisis / Anamnesis / Operation Report / Private Health Insurance Patient Information Form
• Original bill or itemized bill
• A report indicating detailed treatment plan
• Doctor’s demand and examination results during the diagnosis period

Additional documents for Judicial Case:
• The documents prepared by judicial authorities should be presented with indemnity demand in every judicial situation (including traffic accidents)
• Incident scene investigation report
• Alcohol report
• Forensic report
• Traffic Collision Report
• Verdict of Attorney Generalship
• Declaration of the insurant with original signature
• There might be demand for other documents by the health indemnity unit after evaluation of indemnity file.

Documents needed to be sent for Theft / Pickpocket:
• Police report indicating that credit card, id and keys, cell phone are stolen
• Copy of reissued ids, receipt of payment for reissuing
• Copy of license in the case of stolen car key
• If the license is in the name of the company where the insurant works, document showing that the insurant works there
• Cell phone purchase receipt
• Declaration of the insurant
• Credit card receipt showing the processes subject to indemnity
• List of expenses confirmed by the bank as not to belong to the insurant and letter showing the expenses that will be reimbursed by the bank

Personal Accident, 3rd Person Material Financial Liability and Pickpocket Coverage Indemnity Payment Process:

• After a claim payment, the limit of the related coverage would be decreased as much as the payment. If the limit is used up, the Insurer’s responsibility for the said coverage ends until the end of the policy.
• Police report indicating the theft of credit card, id and keys, and cell phone.
• The purchase receipt of the cell phone is required.
• Declaration of the insurant is required.
• Credit card receipt showing the processes subject to indemnity is required.
• List of expenses confirmed by the bank as not to belong to the insurant and letter showing the expenses that will be reimbursed by the bank are required.
• If the insurant has more than one policy, the policy that is issued first is valid.
• If more than one new personal accident product is bought issued by Eureko Sigorta, other than Decease/Permanent Disability coverage, all the other coverages are limited with one policy coverage.

Emergency Treatment Coverage Indemnity Payment Process:

• Emergency Treatment Expenses coverage covers examination and treatment of the insurant at Health Facilities within the requirements of “Pay-Later”,
• All diseases, disorders, and/or related complications that happened before the policy commencement date are out of coverage scope. Coverages are only valid in Turkey. Direct provision to Health Centers is not possible. Documents and reports related to the demand of indemnity are processed after received by Eureko Sigorta,
• In the emergency situations specified in coverages, the insurant should deliver the original invoices of health expenses within the scope of coverages to Eureko Sigorta Head Office by post or by hand,
• After a diagnosis and/or treatment, an invoice prepared in the name of the insurant should be demanded instead of a simple bill. In the cases when the invoice is not available, the bill should be sent with the reports indicated below proving diagnosis and treatment,
• The reports and documents indicated below should be added to the original invoices and expenses of diagnosis and/or treatment sent to the company. Doctor’s stamp should be present on medical reports and doctor’s area of expertize should be specified,
• Epicrisis/anamnesis report/operation report for treatment and medical attention whether inpatient or outpatient; whether operational or non-operational at hospitals,
• Anamnesis report for doctor examinations (when the Insurer feels the necessity)
• For physical therapy and rehabilitation, report issued by the doctor that shows the detailed treatment plan,
• For examinations done at the stage of diagnosis, examination results and doctor’s referral,
• For medical treatments, original prescriptions, cut price tags and barcodes showing the name of the medicine should be sent.
• There might be other medical documents demanded by Eureko Sigorta if appropriate.
• The insurant should present any judicial document (incident scene investigation report, alcohol report, forensic report, traffic collision report, verdict of Attorney generalship, etc.) alongside with the claim for damage in any judicial situation (including traffic accidents).
• On condition that there is no false or missing information, the payment is made within 8 workdays after Eureko Sigorta receives invoices.
• The Insurer holds the right to investigate further, demand any kind of information, report and other documents about the doctor who examined the insurant, health institution or 3rd persons’ knowledge and getting the insurant examined by an authorized doctor.
• Health expenses resulting from traffic accidents can be processed in accordance with the instructions of Undersecretariat of Treasury’s article no. 2011/17 “Article no. 6 Application of Regulations of Procedures and Principles Related to the Procedures and Principles of Collection of Health Expenses resulting from traffic accidents, presented to authorities, «The responsibilities of the insurance companies that issue insurances subject to the demand of health service related to traffic accidents are reserved within the said policies. These insurance companies would pay the remuneration that exceeds the responsibility of Social Security Institution within the scope of their policies according to law and regulation no. 6111 dated 13.02.2011».
• This coverage does not include examinations and treatment received abroad (excluding Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).
• If there are missing documents in the file of indemnity, the file is closed if missing documents are not sent in max. 30 days, in repeated demands with the necessary documents, indemnity file is re-examined according to the period of limitation declared by Health Insurance General Requirements and Turkish code of commerce.

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